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Come meet our resident  "pot belly piglett!" Ha ha just kidding… kinda. Magnolia is about two years old and is an American Bully. she is the sweetest thing and loves to make silly bird sounds when she is happy to see you!  If you want to be greeted with 50 pounds of wiggly love when you come home the she is the one for you. We can't say enough nice things about this dog and she is suitable for any type of home. If you have large dogs, small dogs and even cats we know "Magnolia" will do well. This is a "new" type of breed that some people think is a great thing to breed for. This dog was in a an unfortunate situation before she came to our rescue and we would like to thank our friends at Yuba County Animal Care Services for drawing our attetion to "Magnolia" and her friends so we could help.  Please come visit this amazing girl. (This photo of is a dog named "Ace" who looks just like Magnolia. We have yet to get one of her but don't think you will see much difference between the two dogs. Luckily Ace was already adopted.