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Bronson is a two year old Yellow Lab/Huskey mix. He is very goofy and absolutely adorable. He can get a little excited at times and requires an experienced home. He has lots of energy and would be best suited in an active home environment with a runner or hiker. He loves tennis balls and interacts well with other  large female dogs. He has not been exposed to male dogs or small dogs and we feel due to his size he may injure a small dog.   He needs leash training and we are working on this and he is a very quick learner.  He will be a bit shy at first, but once he warms up, look out he wants to be your friend forever. We mention an experienced dog owner because we had him at an adoption event and a larger man approached him from behind and Bronson did not respond well by barking and being nervous. He likes some men but not all. Please inquire about him!! By appt. only.

We love this dog!!

However, we will bring him to you to visit and he needs a large piece of property to run so he will be happy.