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Spencer is a nine month old wire hair terrier mix.mix. He weighs in at about 8 lbs. He is a shy, but warms up quickly when one on one, however he does not do well at the adoption events and is very tense.  He needs to be placed in a quiet home without children. He NEEDS another friendly outgoing dog to show him how to trust people.  When Spencer first came to me from Sacramento SPCA he bonded with me almost immediately and it only took a day or two and he didn't want me out of his site. I placed him in one of my best foster homes and he did well with them. However, when company comes over he is completely stressed out and will bark in fear non stop. The only way I will allow him to be adopted out is with strict counceling from myself to the potential adoptor(s). I need a home that will have no expectations of Spencer and just love him for who he is. This would mean that when company comes to the house he needs to be honored and respected and be put away somewhere safe until the company leaves.  This is a must. Please inquire about him and I can share more details of this lovable little cuddle bug!