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About Us

Welcome! We are a dedicated team of people who see the need to help the innocent dogs that are suffering due to the bad economy.

With job losses and housing market crashing, many people are forced to turn in their pets to Animal Control because they can’t Keep them with them.

Often people losing their homes have to move to apartments and are forced to give up on any chance of placing the pet.

Unfortunately, some people simply abandon the pet with false hopes they will be picked up by some loving person and find a wonderful home.

This does not happen in reality. Most of these dogs are picked up by Animal Control. Injured, starved, sick or worse yet, near death or dead. We have a group of veterinarians that work closely with these animals in need and provide the medication and treatment they need to heal and have another chance to be placed in a Forever Home.

Mission Statement

To rescue animals from the threat of euthanasia and provide them with a kind and loving environment and ultimately a new home.

A message from our founder, Marcy Lopez

thankyouAs you may have already figured out, this is a labor of love. With the generous support of individuals like you, we have been able to save over 1500 dogs from high kill rate shelters, and we are just getting started.

Thank you again.

Marcy Lopez
Founder, One More Dog Rescue