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Emma came to us from her owner as Emma was just too much dog for her. Her owner was a senior citizen and although she had Emma since a tiny puppy she just didn’t realize that a young Rottweiler would be such a handful. The owner has spent a great deal of time and money on training for the dog but simply couldn’t give the dog the exercise she needed and deserved. So she did the right thing by the dog and asked us to re home her.
Whoever gets this gorgeous girl will be lucky. We will be extremely picky about the type of home she goes to because we don’t want her stressed out and brought back. We allow of course a trial period but please understand it is our job to place her in the best home possible.
Let me tell you about Emma. We don’t feel she would do well with cats and she hasn’t been exposed to small dogs. However, she does enjoy playing and companionship with other dogs similar in her size. Rotts have a strong personality and if you are not familiar with the breed please do your research.
She NEEDS exercise!!! The best home would be a very active home and we know she would love to go camping and hiking. She absolutely needs to run and stretch her legs. So no small backyards please. She does crate but she hates it. So she will need to be outside while you are at work. She isn’t a barker and enjoys the outdoors. However, she is an indoor dog too and just wants to be with you.
She can be rowdy so no small children as she will assuredly knock them down. Teenagers would be great.
If you wish to meet her she will be very timid at first. She gets over it but it will take her time to settle into your home and feel comfortable.
She will be available March 29th as she is getting spayed.

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