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A meet and greet appointment can be set if you are interested in Zara.

Zara is guessed to be a 2 year old Shepherd mix and we feel perhaps some Border Collie but who really knows.
She is a lovely young girl and would do well in a home with experience in a "strong personality dog" and will enforce a strong leadership environment as she can be pushy and play rough if allowed.  She gets along well with SOME other dogs that have good manners. NO cats please.
She is what we would call a medium energy level doggy and she is extremely smart.
She is a beautiful girl? Repeat, she needs work on manners and needs a strong person to lead her.
This dog loves to run hard, swim and play fetch. She really needs a JOB! She will NOT be happy just in a standard backyard. Please be sure you consider yourself the right type of home for her. She really needs property to run.

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