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Picasso was adopted about 3 years ago from our rescue but unfortunately life circumstances with his owners caused them to return him. The family had a senior citizen family member move in with them and they were allergic to poor little Picasso. He is now 8 years old but is considered middle age for his breed. He is very sweet, kind and loving. He likes little kids and grew up with a baby and not the baby is 3 years old. He gets along with cats as well as other dogs. He loves to snuggle and is a definate couch potatoe.

Picasso even was taught some tricks. He will sit, lay down, shake paw and play dead!!!

He is some sort of Cairn Terrier mix but your guess is as good as ours…..

He is currently on some special shampoo and medication to clear up an allergic reaction but this should be easily remedied.

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